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Workers' Comp Covers Medical, Income, and More for Injured Employees

Get comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance for Parkersburg, WV, from Waters Insurance Agency. Our agents can explain this type of coverage and recommend cost-effective ways to control safety engineering and claim services. They can also suggest other business insurance options such as commercial auto, commercial umbrella, medical malpractice, and professional liability policies. Contact us online or call (304) 485-5569 for a quote, to learn more about us, and benefit from our expertise.

Workers' Comp Covers Employee Benefits in Parkersburg, WV

If employees get injured while working, workers’ compensation pays for some of the injury-related expenses. The same is true for employees who contract an illness while on the job in Parkersburg, WV. Generally, workers’ comp provides for four employee benefits: medical, rehabilitation, income (wage,) and death:

medical beneftis

Medical benefits cover medical treatments related to the injury or illness that occurred on the job. This may include compensation for medications, hospitalizations, nursing care. and other treatments. It also could include paying for medical equipment, such as wheelchairs or walkers.

rehabilitation benefits

Rehabilitation benefits cover therapeutic care related to helping employees cope with and recover from their injury or illness. Usually this includes compensation for physical and occupational therapy. This benefit may also cover care and training to regain the skills and abilities they need to return to work.

income (wage) benefits

Missing work usually means losing pay. Income benefits cover a percentage of the pay an injured or ill employee loses while off of work. Sometimes this type of coverage is known as wage benefits. According to the West Virginia legislature, workers’ compensation benefits cannot exceed 66.66 percent of the injured employees’ average weekly wage. This calculation begins at the time of the injury. The payout is also not to exceed 100 percent of the state’s average weekly wage.

Death benefits

If an employee dies because of a work-related injury or illness, death benefits go to designated beneficiaries or surviving dependents. This includes the surviving spouse and children under age 18, under 25 if full-time students, or disabled of any age. Should no survivors meet this criteria, death benefits go to surviving parents if they relied on the deceased worker for financial support. With no surviving parents, death benefits can go to dependent grandchildren and disabled siblings. If no dependents survived the worker, death benefits will only pay for final medical bills and funeral expenses.

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