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Waters Insurance Agency Provides Extra Liability Coverage Options

Get personal umbrella insurance for Parkersburg, WV, with Waters Insurance Agency. With umbrella insurance, you get low-cost add-on liability coverage for your car insurance, home insurance, recreational vehicle insurance, and more. Contact us online or call (304) 485-5569 for a quote or to learn more about us and this extra protection.

How Umbrella Insurance Works to Provide Security and Peace of Mind

Umbrella insurance offers homeowners, renters, and vehicle owners’ extra security and peace of mind. Should you find yourself liable to pay claims larger than your homeowners’ insurance or auto insurance covers, umbrella insurance helps. Renters who opted for renters’ insurance benefit from umbrella policies to protect their possessions. It also picks up where your recreational vehicle insurance liability coverage leaves off. Moreover, umbrella insurance covers legal fees incurred as part of lawsuits. This includes the policyholder as well as other members of their family and household.

Circumstances Not Covered by the Umbrella Insurance Policies We Offer

As a liability policy, umbrella insurance does not pay to repair damage to your own property. This is especially true for damage covered by flood insurance. It also does not pay for damages cause on purposed by you or a covered member of your household. Umbrella insurance does not pay for any liability you agreed to assume under a signed contract, It also does not pay for anything related to war or armed conflicts.

We Offer Insurance Options to Businesses in and Around Parkersburg, WV

In addition to personal insurances, business owners also benefit from insurance options we offer at Waters Insurance Agency. We offer commercial umbrella insurance to offset what commercial auto insurances and workers’ compensation insurances do not cover. Other options we provide include business property, commercial general liability, medical malpractice, and professional liability insurance. For more information, contact us by phone or come by our Parkersburg, WV, office. We proudly provide services to customers from

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