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Water’s Insurance Agency Offers Protection Against Claims of Negligence

For medical malpractice and professional liability coverage in Parkersburg, WV, contact Waters Insurance Agency.  Professional liability insurance generally covers various claims of negligence. Medical malpractice insurance covers doctors against negligence claims, resulting from allegations of medical wrongdoing. Our agents can help with these insurances and other business insurances like workers’ compensation, commercial auto, and commercial umbrella options. Call (304) 485-5569  for a quote or to get more information about us and our services. You can also contact us online or stop by our office.

Medical Malpractice Insurance Policies Cover Physician Liability Issues

Medical malpractice insurance specifically covers physician liability issues that arise from disputed services which result in injury or death. Though mandatory in most states, West Virginia does not require doctors to carry malpractice insurance. Ohio also does require practicing physicians to carry medical malpractice insurance.

what does medical malpractice insurance cover?

Medical malpractice insurance typically covers expenses associated with defending and settling malpractice lawsuits. This includes attorney fees, as well as arbitration, court, and settlement costs. It also includes coverage of medical, punitive, and compensatory damages. There are two types of malpractice insurance: “claims-made” and “occurrence”

how do claimes-made and occurrence malpractice insurances differ?

Claims-made malpractice insurance policies only provide coverage if in effect when the incident happened and when a lawsuit gets filed. Often claims-made policies have a period of coverage known as a “tail.” Tails extends the policy for a set amount of time after it expires. Occurrence malpractice insurance policies cover any claim that happened during the period of coverage. Generally, this type of policy does not include tail coverage and is significantly more expensive.

Professional Liability Insurance Covers Alleged Issues of Misconduct

Similar to medical malpractice insurance, professional liability insurance generally covers claims of alleged misconduct, otherwise known as negligence. The legal definition of negligence is failing to behave as a prudent person would have in the same situation. Professional liability insurance also covers allegations of misrepresentation, inaccurate advice, and violations of good faith and fair dealing. If a client sues, this type of policy could help pay for legal expenses.

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