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Supplement Your Other Commercial Insurance Policies for Added Security

We offer commercial umbrella insurance for Parkersburg, WV, at Waters Insurance Agency. Like personal umbrella insurance does for car insurance and home insurance policies. Commercial umbrella insurance supplements some, but not all, commercial insurance for added security. 

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Commercial Umbrella Insurance Kicks in If Others Reach Payout Limits

Most business insurance policies have a payout limit, including professional liability insurance. This is especially true with commercial auto and workers’ compensation claims. Most of the time, business car and workers’ compensation insurances stay within the state requirements for their payout limits.

west virginia commercial insurance payout limits

In West Virginia, the state minimum limit for commercial auto insurance is $25,000 for each person injured. It is $50,000 for all people injured in an accident. The W.V. minimum limit for all property damaged in a commercial auto accident is $25,000. The state’s maximum payout for workers’ compensation is $526 weekly for no more than 104 weeks.

what happens once payout limits are reached?

Any expenses above and beyond these limits comes out of other business funds. Commercial umbrella policies kick in if the other insurance policies reach their payout limits, to cover the remaining costs. This type of broad insurance coverage provides companies an additional layer of protection for their business dealings.

Examples of Claims that Commercial Umbrella Insurance Will Not Cover

Commercial umbrella insurance generally does not cover any property insurance claims, whether the business has commercial property insurance or not. The same is true for CGL and medical malpractice insurances. Commercial umbrella insurance also does not usually cover employee theft or damage to personal property.

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